Thursday, June 26, 2008


The last stop on my trip/vacation was Toronto. I had planned on spending the day there, but that didn't really work out, so I just took the Robert Q directly from the airport. But just because I was only there for an hour doesn't mean I don't have stories to tell you, dear blog readers. No no, I'm determined to blog about something from every city I visited. I'll even make up stories if I have to.

This one is true though. While waiting in the airport, I saw a couple enter the waiting area. The woman was blind. She had a guitar and a walking cane. As they got closer, I saw that the man was deaf, or at least nearly so. He had a big hearing aid device, and whenever the woman talked to him she had to lean way in and speak directly in his ear.

They happened to be on the same bus as me. She asked if she could tune her guitar on the bus, and I was like hell yeah, gives us something to listen to. So she tuned her guitar and quietly practiced while the man read a book. When they both got bored of indulging in their respective senses, she leaned over and asked him to describe the countryside. He whispered about things that are mundane to most people - trees, farms, cows - in her ear.

It was just cute how they complimented each other's shortcomings like that.

This story isn't funny or anything. Oh wait, one thing that was funny was when she went too far in tuning her guitar, and immediately exclaimed "I popped my g string!" Hah.


madamerouge said...

we'll have to catch you another time

Phronk said...

Yeah. I'm sure I'll be there for real one day soon, and maybe some blogger meeting can be arranged.

Jenn said...

ooh i love this post, and the sounds of that cuter than cute couple. plus, they sum up this city quite nicely, don't you think? "they complimented each other's shortcomings" is like the beaches east end vs the west of west, no? okay, maybe not... but still i'm happy these two summed up your toronto visit.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Don't worry Phronk. AG travels from the states to never see MR too.

In fact, maybe AG will just meet Phronk and skip meeting MR.

Just kidding, MR!!!

Jason said...

What a weird name for a bus.