Monday, July 07, 2008

More Search Terms Used To Find

I need to focus on school today, so no blogging. Instead, here is a collection of some delightful search terms used to find this blog lately:

balki bartokomous rick roll
growing pains, episode guide, boner for president

horror drawrings
penis cheesegrater horror movie
lumps of flesh excreting from vagina
older vagina
fish vagina porn
real fish porn videos
people fucking fish porn
pictures of giraffe rape
eight legged giraffe
are pornstars afraid of aids
whorecraft video

what should alex poohead do?
uungh photos
activa is gross yogurt
it sucks that

gay clicking ear
bob ross your a homo
giada de laurentiis bitch
how much does giada de laurentiis weigh
david patchell evans and girlfriend
bruce lee psychologist

stupid ipod listening starbucks drinking croc wearing
spring girls breasts uwo
cheap whores london ontario
zombies neighborhood watch london ontario


Butchie said...

Giada de laurentiis bitch was me.

Jenn said...

I share your hatred for crocs. but not frank's.

Phronk said...

Butchie: Did you also want to know how much she weighs?

Jenn: Hehe, I don't even know how that got to my blog, since I've never mentioned crocs... but I do share some hatred for those ugly chunks of foot rubber. Frank's still sucks though. Even the hot sauce at Taco Bell is better.

Yvonne said...

My favourite is the last one. :)

I'm entirely disturbed by the searches for: "lumps of flesh excreting from vagina" and "cheap whores london ontario", and I can only hope they don't come from the same person. :)