Monday, July 21, 2008

Ugly Global Warming Cake

Jeff doesn't believe in global warming. To teach him the error of his ways, on his birthday we baked him a cake depicting what the world will look and taste like if we don't do something about climate change.

Here it is half finished.

Here is Jard squatting with it in the elevator. It was very heavy because of all the sugar and pretentiousness.

Here is Jeff getting angry and preparing to stab it. Little does he know that global warming is one of the few things that will not go away if you stab it.

Here he is gleefully murdering the cake.

The cake was covered in fondant icing, which is pretty awesome stuff. We tried scorching it around the equator, which tasted like roasted marshmallows. But it started melting instead of scorching, so we had to stop.

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Since I had to unload my cameras, here are some bonus pictures of my life:

Delicious spam filled egg burrito.

Jard's fork sculpture.

Willow being all like "omg im so fkcing trashed".

And Willow being cute and falling asleep on my foot.


Dead Robot said...

Did you play "The Day After Tomorrow" Drinking Game? Everytime someone says "Jack!" you have to have a gulp.

Jason said...

Willow is v. cute.

I ate half a carrot cake yesterday.

Spam? Really?

Phronk said...

DR: Nice. Maybe that movie would make more sense while drunk.

Jason: Mmmm, can I have the other half? And yeah, really. It actually wasn't that delicious...too salty. Spam is good in sandwiches though.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Willow is sooooooooo cute. Not just v. cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude! Love your cake-decorating skills - have you thought of cashing in those skills - maybe make a site called where people can order your cakes for a mildly overinflated price?



tornwordo said...

I love the global warming cake. Fondant is so fun, like playdoh you can really eat. That omelet looks like a soiled diaper.

Salem said...

The flat-earth cake looks good, too.

Jenn said...

It was very heavy because of all the sugar and pretentiousness.


you left twitter?

Anonymous said...

your cake belongs here!

Anonymous said...

and i mean that in a nice way, honestly!

Phronk said...

AG: I agree, she's the cutest dog in the world.

Von: Dammit, goes to an ad for dishwashers. That'd be pretty awesome though.

Tornwordo: If that's what a baby's diaper looks like, I think it needs to see a doctor immediately.

Salem: Haha. So does this one:

Jenn: Nope I'm still there...I think the site is just having problems.

Paige: That's the best site ever! I should totally get our cakes on there.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

AG wants a puppy!!

Salem said...

Wow. Discworld cake looks difficult. The most difficult shape I ever managed was Gumby.

Anonymous said...

Just ran into your "global warming cake." Very nice. You might like my Global Warming Hot Apple Pie: