Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Watch this extra-wide video:

What I relate to most is the "enjoy your meal" , "you too" exchange. I do that all the time, and it really shows how insincere most small talk is. I remember traveling after very little sleep once, doing the same in response to the really cute Air Canada girl's "enjoy your flight", then starting to walk away, realizing it made no sense, turning around to explain, realizing I really didn't need to explain, kinda half-waving / smiling at her and mumbling something incoherent, turning back around and getting the hell out of there. Probably with a very red face. That sucked.


Jenn said...


So funny, especially your airplane awkwardness! That was a really intense boob grab, looked almost painful. I think my favorite line is "Oh you don't work here, you're just Black."

Hahaha. Going to watch it again now. Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

I watched it three times. It's really quite true. The one I do the most is the awkward wave at you, but you're really waving at someone else. Yes, I brush my hair with my fingers after. :P "I feel like such an ass."

I especially liked: "Hey have you seen the walls..." - "Awkward-marine."

Dead Robot said...

Bed time boys!

Aw mom!!

Salem said...

I love this one.

sirbarrett said...

I like really cute Air Canada girls.

Congrats on the short story!