Friday, August 15, 2008


This is my sweet-ass new bike. Thanks Yvonne! It doesn't actually have a headlight; that's just the reflector being all reflecty with the flash.

Now I can get places in a fraction of the time that I could before. And I can do it [SMUG ALERT] without harming the environment with stinky car fumes [/SMUG ALERT]. No, but for serious, a bike isn't a lifestyle, it's a mode of transportation. Getting from point A to point B (especially if there are nice trails in between) is all that matters, and being all ethical and stylish about it is just gravy.

Here is what I plan on doing with my bike:


Anonymous said...

my bike is better looking than yours

Phronk said...

My TV is bigger than yours.

Anonymous said...

It looks so sexy when it's picture is taken. It's photogenic, unlike you LOL. :)

Thanks for buying the bike, and that's for blogging about it! You're awesome!

Dead Robot said...

My TV is bigger than all of you fucks.

Nice bike! Get an equally nice lock!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, you smug bastard.