Saturday, September 20, 2008

Confused Spider

There's a little spider on my computer screen. It thinks my mouse pointer is an insect and is trying to leap on it and catch it. I played with it for like 5 minutes, me controlling the mouse pointer controlling the spider. The spider got bored before I did.

I come to write a post about this fascinating story. Now the spider is following the blinking line where I'm typing in the text of this very post. It also has a renewed interest in the cursor.

Let's get more recursive. Here is a video of the spider leaping around this post as it's being created.

The next logical step is the video of the real spider attacking the spider in the video attacking the cursor on top of this post.

And then...well, I'd better stop here. If I don't there will soon be a video of one real spider attacking 100 video spiders attacking each other. (*)

I'm....pretty bored right now.




S said...

If it was me, I would've killed the fucker a long time ago.

SharkBoy said...

And if it was me, there'd probably be a hole in my computer screen at the moment... for the hammer I would have used to kill it

Phronk said...

So much anger towards spiders. I'll have you know that I let the little guy live. He hangs around the house and entertains me. We plan to marry in the spring.

Yvonne said...

Heehee, congratulations.

Killing a spider is apparently bad luck. I leave them around to kill off the mosquitoes, because I detest mosquitoes and their "bites" more than I an squeamish about spiders.