Saturday, September 13, 2008

Feeling is Just Another F-Word

Your favourite blogger is not doing well. On top of other things, my stupid fragile heart has been broken. Or more like shattered, suddenly and unpredictably, in one swift motion. My brain has taken a beating too, in the sense that I have no idea why this even happened.

The confusion feeds the heartbreak and the heartbreak feeds the confusion.

It hurts like hell.

I'll be OK, I know that, but I think I need to allow myself some pain for a while. It allows me to understand what it's like to be this down, so I can empathize with others who are, and do my best to never cause others to feel this way. I know, that's life, and it's gonna happen no matter what, but I still wonder if other people feel like I do. I wonder if she understands and has this kind of empathy.

I should probably be angry, but that's just not an emotion I tend to feel in a time like this. What's the point?

I do feel guilty for ruminating about this when there are much more important things to worry about.

Sorry for going all emo. I don't know why the hell I'd write this down here... I guess I'm just an expressive sort of person. Maybe that's part of my downfall.


Anonymous said...

Dude, best way to get over someone is to get under someone.

Love, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, man.

Salem said...

Hearts are so much trouble.


Yvonne said...

Sorry to hear. I sympathize...try a distraction - like a party!

Anonymous said...

inappropriate, meaningless sex with inappropriate strangers is the best way to deal with a broken heart. Or, if you prefer the mature route, avoid relationships, and women, altogether. God invented porn so that we can all enjoy a healthy release without the agony of getting involved with our gender of choice.

Pavel Chekov said...

I'm making you some chicken soup.

Phronk said...

Thanks dudes. I doubt meaningless sex would work for me...I've got this inexplicable link between my brain, my heart, and my dong. Avoision it is!

Jenn said...

aww mike, what happened? i feel for you, partly because i've been there, but mostly because you said it so well in this post. i know it sucks, but this is one of your best, ever.


Jason said...

Sorry to hear that. Dan's comment made me laugh.

madamerouge said...

it hasn't been your year, has it?

BillyWarhol said...

Yeah that Sucks*

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