Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Land of the Living Commercial People

Hey, remember when I first wrote about people who appear in multiple commercials and their connection with zombies? Remember I wrote about hot dog-food-girl, who is also Kit-Kat-girl?

Then later, I wrote about Natalie Brown, the Bailey's/ketchup girl, who got her own show, Sophie? And was also in a zombie movie?

IT COMES FULL CIRCLE. It has come to my attention that dog-food-girl is also known as Amy Lalonde. More importantly, she co-stars with Natalie Brown in Sophie! That's two former commercial people in one show.

Oh, but now you're asking, you're all like, "but what is her connection with zombies?!?" Settle down and I'll tell you. Amy Lalonde starred in George A. Romero's latest movie, Diary of the Dead.

My research on this breed of person is almost complete. The life cycle of the semi-successful Canadian celebrity goes as follows: 1) Be in lots of TV ads; 2) Be in a zombie movie; 3) Get your own show. There are no exceptions.

I'm also pretty sure that Sarah is destined to run into all these people at some point in her life.


Brian Frank said...

Nice. I think Tom Cavanaugh (whom you mentioned in one of the earlier posts) really paved the way for Canadian talent to make the transition from A-list advertising to B-list entertainment. His peak was definitely playing in an NBA All-Stars + celebrities event. I clearly remember Charles Barkley dissing him ("Man, Ed's gotta settle down...") in 3-on-3 game against Justin Timberlake's team. Needless to say, that event is no longer a part of the NBA's All Star celebration.

I think the next big break-out will be the awkward guy with the far-apart eyes in the Rogers Wireless commercials. The other guy -- the dude who always gets good reception -- turned in a weak performance as the older brother in the Tim Hortons 'Wake-Up Call' hockey commercial. The awkward guy is far more versatile, and doesn't always need to be in the spotlight (check out his background performance in office that wins Lotto 6/49).

Someone I wonder about is the Tic Tac girl. She's had that part for years but doesn't seem to progress or appear anywhere else, despite her apparent charisma and charm. I wonder what she does in the 9.95 years per decade that Tic Tac isn't shooting new commercials.

Phronk said...

Haha good to see someone else insane enough to pay close attention to commercials. :)

Awkward far-apart eyes man is awesome, and I too would like to see more of him. I loved his supporting role in that food commercial (forget which one...I think where the woman licks her plate after dinner), where he sits there and look awkward. I think Sarah is good buddies with him too.

Ahhh, Tic Tac girl. I think she's like, the ideal person. Ask any (straight) male who has ever watched TV about her, and he will have only positive things to say. She probably hasn't branched out because she's a genetically engineered robot, designed to be the perfect being, but only given the ability to talk about Tic Tacs.

Brian Frank said...

Haha, I'm afraid I don't know the platelicking commercial, or I didn't notice him -- the mark of a true talent, to be able to disappear into a role.

Anonymous said...

The circle widens; I'd like to have sex with every one of those people, and I, too, am a zombie.