Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Reverse-LOLcat

Commenting on the popularity and profitability of LOLcats, Tornwordo asks:

What's the next big stupid idea that can make us rich? There must be something.

I'm glad you asked, Tornwordo. I specialize in stupid ideas. The answer to your question is: pictures of text that is poorly worded or in broken English, with "captions" made up of cats illustrating the text in a humourous manner.

For example:

You have just witnessed the first Reverse-LOLcat. Also known as a CatLOL.

Spread the word. Tell your friends. Make me rich.


tornwordo said...

I do love Did you see the picture with the Japanese girl beaming in her Miss Urine Tester t-shirt?

I'll spread the word if you do more than one.

Unknown said...

i'm totally finding that picture a lot funnier then it actually is lol

SharkBoy said...

This is gold

Jason said...

You could be on to something.