Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day

Screw politics. Today is Blog Action Day, when bloggers get together to raise awareness about poverty.

I'll keep this short and sweet. We just had Thanksgiving, so let's be thankful for what we have, which is a lot. We may get down because we don't have enough money to buy a new Macbook, or we got dumped by a partner, or work is boring, or whatever, but it is worse for a lot of people. Just having a place to sleep comfortably and having enough money to eat are things we should appreciate every single day.

Blog Action Day suggests donating the income from blogs to poverty. My one cent a day isn't much, but if anyone reading this does a certain pushing motion with their mouse over a certain area of the screen above this post, which I am not allowed to talk about, then I will track the resulting cash, match it from my pocket a thousand-fold or so, then donate it here. Similarly, go click at The Hunger Site a few times. Also, consider, that if we have enough time and money to be reading blogs on expensive computers, giving a small percentage of that time and/or money to people who need it way more is probably the right thing to do. There are lots of ways to do that (e.g., UWO's United Way occurs at about this time of year.)

Peace and love and all that. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

yes totes. woot for BAD (blog action day)

dmarks said...

In the US. United Way top brass make millions. It is really hard for me to think of it as a charity, when the money goes to millionaires.

Phronk said...

Hmm, that sucks. As long as the money is doing some good I won't feel bad about donating to them...and maybe it's a good thing that people who help others are rich. Better than stepping on others to get to the top.

P.S. UPDATE: Only one person clicked the ad. Ah well, thanks person, one is better than none.