Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fun With Words

It's always strange / hilarious when people talk in third-person narrative when they should be talking in first-person. For example, if I wanted a taco, and I said "Mike wants a taco! BRING MIKE A TACO!", that would be weird. Yet it happens. Bob Dole has a habit of referring to himself in third-person.

However, a habit I have never seen successfully executed is talking in third-person when one should be talking in second-person. For example, if I am having a conversation with Harold, and I say "Harold looks hungry. Would Harold like a taco?", that would be even weirder. And more hilarious. I think people should do it more often.

Another fun thing to do is to make it seem like you used the wrong word when you didn't. Like if you say "my parents really effected my life." Or "the thing I don't like about winter is its cold."


Phronk said...

This post is stupid. It's not rare to use 3rd person on other people...people do it with babies all the time, or if they're treating someone like a baby. And I don't even understand the winter thing. What word is wrong? You suck.

Dead Robot said...

Dead Robot approved of this post 2 minutes ago. Did you like Dead Robot approving this post 2 minutes ago?

I like to look at Dead Robot when he sleeps. In a mirror. Darkly.

Rob said...

My question is if you want sausages why are you asking for tacos???

Phronk said...

DR: It's even more disturbing when you use your internet nickname.

Rob: Whoops. That's what happens when I don't proof read. I mistake sausages for tacos.


Was that a Bob Dole reference?

Phronk said...

Yes, Phronk is up on his current US politics references.