Monday, October 27, 2008

Movie Review: Saw V

Meh. Saw V is probably the worst of the five movies. Unlike a lot of horror aficionados, I don't automatically hate every new Saw movie, but this one was just bland. The few gruesome traps - the reason for these movies existing - that are featured in Saw V are not as original or squirm-worthy as in the previous installments. The majority of the movie is flashbacks and exposition that has you wishing it would just get back to the main story.

If they keep up with releasing a new Saw every Halloween, something needs to change to spice the movies up, because it's getting stale. Jigsaw's ability to perfectly predict human behaviour is already in the realm of the supernatural, so why not just have him rise from the dead so zombie-Jigsaw can replace his less-interesting method of causing havoc from beyond the grave.

Still, there are a few moments in there worth seeing if you're a Saw fan. I'd wait for it to come out on video though. Er, on DVD. Jesus, look how old I am.


Unknown said...

Step by step in the process SAW V is driving us to horror in to very deep. From the word go it was the one feeling carrying through " when he is going to attack or who is he" recent success on big screen is proven again. It was entered on enjoyed much as horror movie fan

Anonymous said...

I want to head out to see Saw V but it will probably end up being one I just buy on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's definitely the worst of the lot. My hope is that they'll move on instead of inventing loose ends to tie.

Angelm said...

For me the among the 5 Saw movies, I like part 1 the most. With part 5 it's more on flashback of scenes however, it's still scary and full of suspense to me. I also like part 4, which I watched in HD quality @ last weekend for Halloween. There will be part 6 for sure.