Friday, October 10, 2008


So yesterday, I sold that house I used to own. I went and cashed the shiny cheque from half the profit, then did what any self-respecting normal person does after happening upon some extra money...GROCERY SHOPPING!!!

I splurged and treated myself, since money was no object, and because maybe materialism and gluttony could help stave off the soul-crushing realization that all remnants of my awesome former life are now gone, sold, abandoned, and/or in the hands of other people.

It was a fancy feast, my friends.

See? Those are special occasion pastries. There are four different kinds, so it's like a four-course meal.

And to finish off this bountiful banquet:

This isn't as monetarily careless as it seems, because Ben & Jerry's was on sale; three for ten bucks. That's so cheap! It was at Valu-Mart, fellow Londoners. Get 'em before they're gone. *

* They are probably already gone.

P.S. My life really isn't as depressing as this post makes it seem. I've just been watching too much You Suck at Photoshop.


SharkBoy said...

Good Ben & Jerry choices too.
When I sold my house, I bought my iMac within hours

Amynath said...

Hey there
nice blog....very interesting posts

happy blogging

Phronk said...

Sharkboy: Haha nice. I'm looking forward to / dreading the announcement of new Apple laptops on Tuesday.

Amynabi: Thanks so much! Happy blogging to you as well.

Brawlmaster said...

I got in on that sale.

Jason said...

I hope you made some good money from the sale.

Great choices. I've been trying to stick to the "no sugar added" Chapmans. Makes me feel less guilty when I eat too much.