Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Words to Not Live By

Here are some more words I do not like:
  • Nuc-u-lar. I know every English-speaking person complains about this, but dude, NUCLEAR. Look how it's spelled. Although apparently there is a rational explanation for all this, I would hope that the leaders of countries wouldn't use words that are in the same class as pasghetti.

  • The phrase "chomping at the bit." First, what the hell does that even mean? Second, whatever it means, it sounds gross. More like a term for overzealous oral sex * than for being excited about something.

  • Females named Terry or Deirdre. I'm really sorry if you have either of these names, but you should probably change it. Deirdres all have white hair and want to kill you. Terrys are older looking than they really are and have a manly face no matter how much makeup they put on. I don't know why this is true, but it is. Strangely, though, Terri as a name is fine, and actually kinda hot.

In this picture, Deirdre is chomping at the bit to attack George Bush's pronunciation of nuclear.


* Alternative hilarious joke: "More like a term for ghetto circumcision than for being excited about something."


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Jason said...

I know a scary Terry and Deidre. Too funny. Both were "challenged" in the IQ dept.

Anonymous said...

Isn't George W. Bush the biggest proponent of the "nuc-u-lar" pronounciation?

Ubersehen said...

Even if it is only her character name, Terry Bauer, of the first season of 24 has a somewhat mannish air about her.

tornwordo said...

Do you remember the Deirdre comic strip in National Lampoon in the 80's? She was so ugly that anyone who laid eyes on her killed themselves. She usually wore a bag on her head. That strip probably wouldn't fly today but gosh it was funny.

Horror said...

"chomping at the bit" refers to horses and the metal bar in their mouth - they bite at it when exited to get going lol