Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's My Life and My Dream

I'm too busy writing a novel to go through the rite of writing to you right now. So here are some videos that have inspired me throughout my life. I hope they will inspire you too.

See if you can guess what they are just from the one frame Youtube chooses to show you before you press play. Play this game with your friends! C'mon, do it! JUST FUCKING DO IT!!!

And my favourite:


CultPopCult said...

Come on, give me a challenge!

My Two Dads
Small Wonder
Out of This World
Perfect Strangers

Jenn said...

OUT OF THIS WORLD! seriously? seriously.

Phronk said...


Sorry Mark, but you're obviously an expert. Your Mr Belvedere post is what inspired me to search for these.

Anonymous said...

Well, I only got two from the preview frame, but I did used to watch them all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same as Jack. Two from the preview, but now the shows by heart. Good stuff!