Monday, December 08, 2008

X Mas

I love Christmas. In a totally platonic, non-religious way, of course. Today I started putting up decorations around my apartment. The fooseball table was taking up a lot of room, so I took it apart and put it away to clear room for the Christmas tree my parents gave me. That was before I opened it up and realized how comically small it is. I had to put it on a chair just so it reaches eye level.

And I'm not sure the plastic instruments really count as holiday decorations. Oh well. It's better than nothing.

And look at this leprechaun-Santa my mom got me. I think it's pretty random/awesome.

This Christmas is bittersweet for me. It's the first in a long time that I'm not spending with a significant other. Hanging up these decorations, knowing that I'm the only one who will be enjoying them on a regular basis, makes me a bit sad.

I'll half-miss spending time with three different families over the holidays. Only half, because it can get pretty damn stressful trying to split up a few days of time to spend with a few dozen different people. Also, this year I can spend all my time with my one family, who will be gathering here from all across the globe for Christmas. I really look forward to seeing everyone again.

Oh, and my Xbox tried to play along with the holiday decorating by flashing three red lights and dying. I was afraid it'd be out of warranty, but luckily, Microsoft is self contradictory; the warranty for the 3 red lights is 3 years, but they will repair it after 3 years if the problem is 3 red lights. Wha? Still, having to send in the console for repairs once a year is a bit annoying. And I had to use Windows for the first time in a month today, and it sucked ass. Therefore, what I really really truly want for Christmas, Leprechaun Santa, is for Microsoft to burn or collapse or maybe get blowed up by a nuclear weapon of some kind. Thanx.


sirbarrett said...

I'm sure people say it all the time, but I really MEAN it when I say your tree is cute. Don't let the cold (heartedness) get to you. A good lonely/sexy Christmassy movie I'd suggest you watch is Alfie. I feel your pain, man. My girl interest is ditching me for Cuba this year :(

Dale said...

With a Santa like that, you might just get your wish! I'm enjoying the festive Rock Band drums in the first shot.

Dead Robot said...

Oh man sorry to hear about the Xbox. I hope that it's repaired swiftly and not out of your pocket. Why not switch to PS3?

And Charlie Brown can be heard laughing in the background at your tree.

Just kidding. It's cute!

SeangSTM said...

PS3, yes!!!

Phronk said...

Sirbarret: Ouuuch, sorry to hear about the ditching. I've never seen Alfie so I'll have to give it a watch.

Dale: Yeah, a pot of gold and some good Irish beer would make a nice Xmas gift.

DR & SeangSTM: It's covered as long as they can replicate the sporadic red lights once I send it in. And I do have a PS3 which will probably be used for more than Blu Ray movies now. :)

Jennifer said...

Be thankful you don't have a significant other. This SO let her husband buy Rock Band when it came out in the summer (we have a wii) - but has only let him play it twice. :P

Phronk said...


Your Mii is on my Wii from that Mii parade thing. So it's sorta like I get to see you once in a while.

Anonymous said...

You're not the only one I know this Christmas that had a 360 die (again). They all switched to PS3 as well.

Microsoft can't die though. We couldn't live without great products like the Zune & Vista.

BTW. What the hell did you have to use Windows for?

Phronk said...

I needed it for research software that only works on Windows. So I tried creating a slipstreamed service pack 2 disc on my old PC, so I could install Windows on my Mac. When I tried doing that, I got an error message, and my Mac would no longer boot. Windows infected the Mac with its crappiness!

I got it working again. Sans Windows.

Jennifer said...

Willow wanders around my wii.

Jennifer said...

Willow wanders around my wii.

Furface said...

Christmas Schmistmas... unless you are a practicing sky-god Christ worshipper it is only about the shopping.

BTW, I'm a recovering preacher's kid.

Butchie said...

You should prolly get a few cats.