Tuesday, January 13, 2009


When someone has been insulted or put down in some way, they often say "that [expletive] made me feel this big", and they put their fingers very close together to demonstrate that they feel about half a centimeter big. I have never understood this. Do people literally get the sensation that they have shrunken in size after being insulted? Or is it just a metaphor for feeling bad, with being small assumed to be a bad thing?

But that ain't right, because I have known plenty of small things that are very good, such as small dogs, small pieces of chocolate, hamsters, certain neurotransmitters, and Tom Cruise.

Maybe I just haven't been insulted enough to get the full brunt of this sensation. Next time you see me, please, let off a real zinger so I can go all Honey I Shrunk the Kids.1

1 Then kick your ass.


E Flo said...

I also hate it when people to the quotation mark things with their hands. eek.

Butchie said...

I hate that it is now acceptable to use "disrespected" as a verb. RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Phronk said...

E Flo: I "love" misused quotation marks. Air quotes allow them in conversation as well as writing, which is "great."

Butchie: Yeah, when people disrespect me by using disrespected as a verb, I feel this big.

Anonymous said...

I feel larger when I get chewed out. Like a bigger target.