Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Holy shit, check out this incredibly kind review of my blog on Canadian Blog Friends. It's very cool to see my own stuff written about from an outside perspective and put in a larger context (e.g., being put in the "Southern Ontario social club" with the likes of Raymi and Dead Robot is quite flattering), since I usually just blab here as if I'm writing to myself.

And speaking of blog recognition and Raymi, congrats to her for winning Best Diarist in the 2008 Web Log Awards. She completely deserves it for putting herself out there in a wall of text and pictures every single day.



Anonymous said...

Congrats dude! That's quite a nice review!

Dead Robot said...

I've never "borrowed" artwork to spice up my posts. I've stolen outright.

Congratz! Wanna man hug?

madamerouge said...

love the artwork
ur tongue is huge

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. Showoff.

MR, that's actually Raymi's tampon string.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty rad actually. The best part though, is its not a half assed self-promotion review either. They really did some good work with quotes and events you have blogged about. It was pretty dead on capturing your site's individuality.


madamerouge said...


Shora said...

*sighs, holds prayer hands at side of cheek and bats eyelashes* My hero.

Congrats babe! You deserve all the kudos and more.

Dale said...

Most excellent recognition Phronk! They've clearly got very good taste.