Monday, January 26, 2009

Someday, Somehow, Gonna Make it Alright But Not Right Now

The final line of Mayor Anne Marie "Too Many Names" DeCicco-Best's state of the city address, after discussing the challenges London faces, was the following:

London - the city that will be.


Here are some alternative tag lines that mean the same thing.
  • London - the city that sucks ass now but might be OK someday.
  • London - please return in 20 years.
  • London - pretty much not even a city.

It's almost as bad as some U.S. state slogans. Wisconsin - "Stay just a little bit longer" (please?); "Oklahoma is OK" ; Louisiana - "Come as you are. Leave different" (i.e., this state will fuck you up good).

I hope DeCicco-Best isn't failing to see the forest for the trees in the place formerly known as the Forest City. London has its problems, but overall I think it's pretty OK.

PRO TIP: Hope for the future doesn't require implicit derogation of the present.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to go back...back to the future!

ty bluesmith said...

in a delorean

Anonymous said...

Good eye. I'm kicking myself for missing that.

Even "the city that can be" would have at least implied we have abilities and resources right now -- and we aren't just waiting for the magic future fairy to cruise up the Thames.

Anonymous said...

We don't have state of the city addresses in los angeles. Well, I don't think we do. But our slogan is LA - Fuckin' A!

Dead Robot said...

London - the city that will be...

...overrun with Toronto's garbage!

Phronk said...

I didn't know you were moving to London DR.


Jenn said...

London - the city that probably won't ever be.

Hey, I used to live there - I can say that shit.

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

Hmm..I didn't vote for her, so whatever she says is pure horse manure.

"The city that will be?" Will be what? Loosing it's residents cuz there are no jobs here!