Friday, January 23, 2009

Trailer Park Boys Community Service Variety Tour, Centinnial Hall, London Ontario

I was sad to hear that the Trailer Park Boys would be done after one more TV special and a movie. But their departure from TV has also resulted in a live tour of the country, dubbed the Community Service Variety Show. They came to London on Wednesday, and it was an awesome show. The idea is that the Boys are forced to put on a stage show as community service for yet another crime, and the entire thing is done in character, transitioning smoothly from the TV show itself. It truly is a variety show, with everything from the regular comedy of the boys interacting to music to a random parody of stage hypnotism.

It was pretty incredible seeing Ricky, Bubbles and Julian up there on stage, in real life, after watching them on TV all these years. They should do this with other TV shows. Like maybe a Grey's Anatomy show where they all act like assholes to each other, cry, freak out and see dead people, then screw up a surgery live on stage.

Here are pictures. I took some myself, but they mostly looked like man-shaped blobs, so these are stolen from Nick.

The boys

Ricky, and Bubbles as The Green Bastard

Fake Cory and Trevor from the audience, helping with joint rolling competition

Ricky letting the airplane vents suck out his smoke

And some videos:

Bubbles singing Liquor and Whores

The audience singing Liquor and Whores

Conky, the drunk/high audience screaming for his destruction, and Ricky picking up joints thrown on stage


Sean Wraight said...

Phronk - That must have been a tad surreal to witness those guys in person. Their onscreen personalities more akin to superheroes now. To see them up close would be like meeting Superman (with dope).

Looks great though. How did the experimental seating arrangements work out?

Great pictures and video!


Phronk said...

Yeah it was definitely surreal!

The seating worked well. Serving alcohol and having "cabaret style" tables made it feel more like a live show at a bar than the usual sit-down concert at centennial hall.

Dale said...

Glad it was so much fun, winter needs more fun. And more dope.

E Flo said...

AHHH! I am sooooo jealous!