Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

I found these photographs of my daily life in various folders on my computer.


Also: Scientologist isn't in my Mac's dictionary. No seriously spell check, stop underlining it.


MSN doesn't just make Hotmail shittier with each passing day; they also spoot star without makeup.

Also: Jessica Alba is freakishly attractive all the time. She is probably not human.

Not sure I'd trust an IQ test coming from people who can't use apostrophes and mangle capitalization.

This next one comes from my good friend Yau-Man Chan, who you may remember as one of the awesomest, most likeable people on TV in Survivor: Fiji (where he was robbed; fuck you Dreamz) and Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites. I know we are good friends because he is on my Facebook friends list. Here, you can see that all former Survivor contestants are also good friends with each other. And how snarky Michael is. You may remember him from when he toppled head first into a fire in Survivor: Australia.

Also: be sure to bid on Jonny "I pretended my grandma was dead to get sympathy on Survivor" Fairplay's pants on Ebay.

Here is what Survivor / Rock & Roll Jeopardy host Jeff Probst had to say about him:

"... [then] you have Jonny Fairplay, who's completely despicable. It was actually fun to work with Fairplay on the show because he's a producer's dream. When he shows up drunk or flips somebody off, he's bringing you gold every time. I wish we had a Jonny Fairplay every season. Personally, however, he's an absolute jackass whose actions at the Vanuatu finale after-party pissed me off so much that he's banned from any event that I'm at from now on. I'm done with Jonny Fairplay."

And you can own his pants. I've put my bid in.


Anonymous said...

I honestly wouldn't let Jessica Alba gargle my balls.

Phronk said...

You are not human either.