Monday, February 09, 2009

Tweeting With the Stars

Twitter has become mainstream now. There is no better sign of this than the fact that celebrities not known for their technology prowess have been getting onboard and tweeting away.

There is something kinda intimate about receiving frequent, brief updates from people no matter where they are, and this unique look into the minds of celebrities reveals the mix of exciting and mundane that is their lives.

For example, both Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore are one Twitter. Just a few hours ago, Ashton posted this video of the two of them trying to get on a plane while a paparazzo calls Demi a "crazy little bitch". But then earlier, Demi can post something so incredibly ordinary, like "the rain is so intense right now it is more like high powered hose down. snuggle up and watch a movie time!"

Neil Gaman has been demonstrating how intense it can be to tour the world promoting a movie (he wrote Coraline), but also how difficult it is to deal with a sick dog.

Apparently John Mayer spent today laying around in his sweatpants eating, but last night he updated his Twitter during a commercial break at the Grammy awards;

So real-time! I think this is our future.

There are many more - the Dalai Lama may or may not be Tweeting. Ah, but my favourite is the lovely adult film star Sasha Grey, whose tweets show that she's down to earth, witty, and kinda nerdy.

Recently she expressed interest in having Twitter post whenever her web site was updated. After receiving some genius advice, she tweeted this:

OMG OMG SHE TALKED TO ME. Be still my heart. I think I'm in love.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I want to ask... what's Sasha Grey's profile picture of? I'm sure it's just something obvious and innocent -- but since you two are so tight you could find out no probs.

Phronk said...

Hehe, well, I consulted with her and found out that they are shoes that she had custom made by Yum Yum shoes in Italy. One says "SG", the other has a spade which is her symbol.

Anonymous said...

Shoes was my second guess. Cartoon bombs was my first.

Anonymous said...

... but on looking at her actual profile those are definitely shoes and I am definitely and idiot.

I see she's not following you tho -- just ?uesto.

Anonymous said...

I just followed John Mayer because of this post. How useful! hahaha

Jennifer said...

BHG appropriate for all occasions.

Phronk said...

Brian: Oh she'll follow me once she realizes we are meant to be together.

Sass: Nice! Maybe he'll follow you and tell you that your body is a wonderland. *barf*

Jen: Haha, such a great, heartfelt song.

Dale said...

I want to know exactly which part of you you told her to check out!