Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hey while I'm documenting awkward conversations with service people...

(getting on the bus labeled "Downtown")

Me: Where does this bus go?

Bus Driver: Downtown.

Information required to see the humour in this: Downtown is a big place.

...I'm seeming kinda bitter lately eh? I'm not bitter. I love everything. My next post will be about kittens and cookie dough ice cream and other nice things.



Anonymous said...

You don't like kittens. You tell me my cats suck. You talking about cats is depressing for everyone, especially for me and my cats.

Please talk about dogs instead. Willow posts are usually happy posts.


Phronk said...

Nancy don't lie! I love kittens, and to a lesser extent cats, just fine. Your cat Cat loves me so much and can't wait to see me again. Just ask him.

Anonymous said...

He is lieing to you. Cats lie.


katrocket said...

Hey - I'm down with LTC.
Yeah, you know me.

Sean Wraight said...

Here's to simplification Phronko! Let's dump ALL the bus marquees and simply have them state the direction they are headed.

Gotta think outside the bus shelter my friend.


P.S. Kitties rule!

suncreations said...

If you were new to London would you be able to find your way around based on the bus names?Thn k not? oxford East goes down Jalna,Wellington Road to the University,wonderland rd bus goes down southdale,Cherryhill goes dundas east,southdale,everywhere.Seriuosly WTF? The buses should be on main streets get off your lazy ass and walk up a block. Get rid of the Sunday drive bus routes. Takes ten minutes from downtown to White oaks on a wellington rd bus, but 45 minutes on an oxford east bus to reach same destination. Why does the bus continually go down residential streets that no one ever boards or leaves the bus on.