Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signing Off

There is a lot of variety in how people sign off their emails. One that I find particularly hilarious is when someone writes something like "Regards" or "Thanks" or whatever, then a comma, then their name.

For example:

Hi Mike,

You were right, it turns out I forgot to carry a decimal place. Looks like the creationists were right all along. Teehee, whoopsy!

Thanks, Charles

This is hilarious because it looks like the person is thanking himself. Do people not realize this? Would Charles end a real-life exchange with "thanks, Charles"?

This is why I end every email with "THIS IS MIKE, SIGNING OFF. OVER AND OUT." It leaves no ambiguity as to who I am and when the email has concluded. The capitals also look like I am yelling, ending the email in an exciting bang that adds colour to an otherwise dreary text exchange.



Anonymous said...

Hahaha deep thoughts? It's so normal for people to sign off like that though. According to my rational it makes sense because it's like "sincerely, sarah" which is correct, the thanks is just in place of the sincerely... you know?? It makes sense in my head anyway.

Phronk said...

That does make total sense, because with sincerely, it really is sarah that is being sincere. So maybe that's how the whole fiasco started.

To be honest I do it all the time, but with my name on the next line and preceded by a "-" or "~" so it's not quite so weird looking.

Shora said...

*clutches hand over heart* Dude, don't scare me like that, I read the title and thought you were signing off your blog.

Love and kisses,

lindsay said...

i believe my last email to you was signed 'sending sunshine'. there: i should be in your good books.

sirbarrett said...

At work, where professionality is encouraged, and being too polite is always preferable to coming off as an asshole, it seems that "thanks"'s have a tendency of running rampant. Take an email like this for example:

Hi _,
I'm just wondering if we can consider the X debacle a case closed. I left a message with Y but there was no response, so I thought that perhaps she had already spoken with you about the travel arrangements. If you could please let me know by Friday, or leave me a message on my machine, that would be greatly appreciated.

(I didn't actually write this email, it's just an example of what an office-like email would be). But it also highlights how we often "thank" people for the demands we have of them.

In a way it could come off as insincere, but yet, a thank you still seems better than no thank you, so it seems like you can never get away from using it.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I sign off all my emails with:



That way they know when to clap.

Phronk said...

Shora: I would never leave you.

Lindsay: Up until that signoff you were my sworn enemy, but now, total good books.

SirBarrett: Good points! "Thanks" is almost automatic an a lot of situations. But yeah, it's necessary, and personally I try to always genuinely feel gratitude if I am saying thanks. Gotta assume others try to do the same.

Jenny: LOL. *slow clap*