Friday, March 13, 2009

You Suck at Blogging

Hey so yeah, I've been forgetting to blog for a while. Stupid Twitter is getting all mainstream now, which makes it very addictive. And I never really got on the whole "Youtube is addictive" bandwagon, but there is actually some good homemade stuff on there. For example, You Suck at Photoshop is hilarious (watch them in's very much a continuous story).

For example number two, this Natalie chick.

She is pretty much the perfect woman, because of the following constellation of traits:
  • Australian accent
  • Hot
  • Funny
  • Nerdy
  • Is pretty much a blogger except with videos

Like, most people can have one or two of those things, which is more than enough, but all of them? Insane.

I'm thinking of making another blog. Since this one doesn't really have any coherent topic (even within a post. See: this post), the new one will be on one specific thing. Maybe that'll attract more people and make me a million dollars 'n junk. STAY TUNED.


Anonymous said...

Can you please explain twitter to me? I think maybe you have to have friends and be social for it to work. Because just being clever hasn't done shit.

Phronk, no! Australians are the cockroaches of the world!

Phronk said...

I don't know most of the people I follow on Twitter, so needing friends is not required. But yeah, the appeal is only apparent if there are a handful of people who you sorta care about what they're doing, and want to be an exhibitionist for by telling everyone what you're doing. Or easily share LOLcat pictures with or whatever.

Yeah, cockroaches I wanna put my cock in. ZING(?)

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Really? It's the same annoying woman. I have no use for Natalie.


Not even to play with my breasts.

Yvonne said...

*sigh* I feel so rejected. So to be a perfect woman (for you), I'd have to 1) develop an australian accent and 2) get a videocam?

I'm assuming I have/am all the rest. LOL...

Phronk said...

AG: I have a lot of uses for her. Including playing with my breasts.

Von: YOU'RE ASIAN?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

How about half asians??

Phronk said...

I frequently come down with a touch of half-yellow fever too.

Wait, according to my research, it is actually known as lemon chiffon fever.

Yvonne said...

half-asians > full-asians.

Examples: Dean Cain, Kristin Kruek, even Keanu Reeves.

I sometimes forget that I'm asian, yet, I can use my innocent look to fool the very best of the yellow-fever patients.

Phronk said...

You're so racist Von.

I do wonder if some Asian people have a problem with the "yellow fever" thing (which I am OBVIOUSLY JOKING ABOUT because I don't see race), since it's sorta racist, but also sorta the opposite.

P.S. Kristin Kreuk :o~~~~~~~~

sarah said...

Hahaha lemon chiffon. that is ridiculous.

Yeah, I think sometimes Yellow Fever is insulting and kinda creepy. I've had guys tell me they are really into Asians before as a come on and it makes me feel weird and like kicking them in the balls. It's funny to joke around about I guess though... I mean, it's out there so why avoid talking about it?