Monday, April 20, 2009

Putting Weird Things in Coffee

I'd like to announce the birth of a new blog. I've been saying for a while that I want to create a more specialized blog to go alongside this one. Something that fills, or perhaps creates, a niche that nobody else has ventured into. I thought of making a food blog - something catchy, like, say, - but there are thousands of food blogs out there (some of them more awesome than I could do).

I'm also lazy, so I figured, why not make a blog about something I do every day anyway? I drink coffee every day. I get bored easily and put weird things in coffee every day. And so it came to be: Putting Weird Things in Coffee.

Check it out if you're into coffee. Suggestions are welcome. And I will never forget that you were there for me way before I became internet-famous and made a million dollars selling T-shirts and mugs.


lindsay said...

aw, thanks for the link mike :)


[i'm also a fan that your newest blog is wordpress-based]


Shora said...

Why can I not comment over on coffee blog? I need to know if I should try peanut butter coffee if I have an anaphylactic peanut allergy. Please advise.

Phronk said...

That is strange. You should be able to type in whatever name you want and comment. Hopefully it was a temporary problem with Wordpress or something.

But in short, the answer is yes. Everyone knows peanut butter isn't really peanuts.