Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Trouble With Rogers, Volume 35

Oh I just can't quit you, Rogers. Or at least, can't quit mocking your dumbassery. Today I had a slight problem with my bill, so gave them a ringy dingy.

Note that one megabyte is approximately one thousand kilobytes. I don't expect most people to know this...unless they're oh, I dunno, selling you something by the kilobyte.

Me: WTF, I got charged $14.76 for 492 KB of data on my phone. That's 3 cents per kilobyte. The current data plans on your web site say it's 3 cents per megabyte.

Roger: Uhh. Yeah. I can't see the web site right now. For as long as I've known it's been 5 cents per kilobyte.

Me: I'm looking at the web site right now. [Reading] "Additional data...3 cents per megabyte."

Roger: Ok, but uh, on your plan, it's 3 cents per kilobyte.

Me: So on my plan, it's ONE THOUSAND times more expensive than the other plans? Isn't that a bit ridiculous?

Roger: Uh, yeah, I'll refund that charge for you, but you'll be charged 3 cents per kilobyte in the future.

Me: Ok thanks. But maybe I should either get another plan or disable the internet so I don't get charged $15.00 per click.

Roger: I will go ahead and disable the internet on your phone.

Me: No, no, don't do that yet, because I still have a data plan I'm paying for. What other plans do you have? [i.e., I am trying to give you an opportunity to sell me something]

Roger: There's a plan for $6.00 for 400 KB.

Me: How much if I go over 400 KB?

Roger: It's $10.00 per MB.

Me: Ah, so that's three times cheaper than what I have now.

Roger: No it would still be 5 cents per KB.

Me: That's more than five times greater than $10.00 per MB.

Roger: [silence]

Me: Uh, I think I'll just keep my current data plan for now and go see what other options exist.

I probably should have been more specific and replaced "other options" with "Bell." Maybe they can make the following important distinctions: 3 vs. 5; KB vs. MB; one versus one thousand.

Did I mention that Rogers has plans such that, if you go over your data allowance by pressing the wrong button, you pay ONE THOUSAND TIMES more than everyone else?


P.S. Happy April Fools!

APRIL FOOLS! I don't actually wish you a happy April Fools.


Clarification 04/02/09: The Rogers exchange actually happened. If it was an April Fools joke, I wasn't in on it.



sarah said...

Your continuous April Fools jokes are funny. APRIL FOOLS!! Just kidding, your continuous April Fools jokes are *very* funny. Gotcha!

rob said...

I'm a Bell Customer and I hate Bell... My Blackberry costs me about $100 a month with an unlimited data package + lots of ridiculous little fees.

Phronk said...

OMG Sarah! At first I was like yay I'm glad they're funny, then I was like boo, Sarah doesn't actually think they're funny, but then no, yay, they're VERY funny. It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Rob: Damn, I guess we can't win then. Maybe one of those little companies would be better but most of them are owned by Bell or Rogers or suck in other ways.

Jason said...

I LOATHE Rogers.

Snooze said...

Let me know if you do get good luck with Bell. Rogers is driving me mental with Internet service right now.

Shora said...

My work Blackberry is Rogers. My husband's is Bell. My kids' cell phones are Telus. They all suck equally just in different ways. Sucks. And it seems we just gotta suck it up. Sucks sucks sucks.