Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bottles and Cans Just Clap Your Hands

I've been in Montreal for the last few days. I was there to see Geoff become a max-level priest. He got some sweet skills when he dinged, like the ability to create holy water. This will obviously be useful in the upcoming vampire apocalypse, which I understand is the main reason he always wanted to be a priest.

But for serious, congratulations Geoff.


Montreal is full of good drinks and food. I'm particularly impressed by all the places that brew their own beer. Here in London, the best home-brew you can hope for is Labatt 50 with a bar's own label slapped on it. In Montreal, pubs brew beer that's so unusual it probably wouldn't have enough mass appeal to sell in more than one place, but that's heaven for an adventerous drinker like me. My favourite was Dieu Du Ciel!, which had such wonders as a licorice-flavoured beer and old-fashioned mead. I liked the Charbonniere, a beer that was smokey without tasting too much like bacon.

Surprisingly, I didn't have any poutine in the province most famous for it, but did have some today back in London at The Spoke. I don't know who thought of piling cheese, gravy, and french fries together, but I am so glad they did. Or at least I did was while I was eating it. I'm not feeling so glad now.

Speaking of gross food, though, Nancy sent me, via a co-worker (who apparently reads this blog? HI NANCY'S CO-WORKER!), this link to a whole chicken in a can.

Now I have my own blog about gross food, but this was a little much for me to stomach. Why is it covered in slime? Why is there even a need to can a whole chicken? If we do lose the vampire apocalypse, will they stuff entire people into cans? The chicken in a can fills me with a deep existential dread.

Now I must go lie down until I become numb again.


Harry said...

That chicken looks horrible. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I want the vampire apocalypse to happen a lot sooner now, that chicken............ That makes me not want to be alive any more.....

Dan Brown said...

Phronk: What's wrong with Labatt 50, or as we called it back in the day, Stinky? It now comes in microwaveable bottles.

Phronk said...

Haha ew. There's nothing wrong with it; I'd just rather drink something that doesn't taste like slightly skunky carbonated water.

Karolijn said...

*look of horror*

No priest powers can make that chicken right.

tornwordo said...

Next time try the Cheval Blanc , I love that place and those beers. Also, La Banquise for poutine. You did have a smoked meat, did you not?

Mark said...

I think they could use that product in live demonstrations of the birth process -- followed by a lovely meal of roast chicken and poutine, of course.

Washed down with lashings of "Stinky".

Phronk said...

Karolijn: Yeah, I think it would make even God barf.

Torn: Nice thanks, I wrote down those places to try next time (I'm going back in June for sure). I did indeed have smoked meat, at Reubens. I understand it's not the best place for it, but it was delicious anyway.

Mark: Haha ew. That sounds more like a new torture to replace water boarding.