Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been spending a lot of time in Montreal lately. This past week I was there for the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association. Here are the highlights of the trip, none of which involved the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association.1

The titular Mount Royal. Hahahaha titular.

Habitat 67 sounds like a bad action movie.

A Quebecois bee. Bouzzzzze.

I am squishing your head.

Apparently someone murdered a giant.

The massive dead skeleton of the Biodome.

Vertically growing plants fed with rainwater. Very cool.

The "resort". Apparently Solin Hall used to be a chocolate factory. It did not smell like chocolate.

La Ronde.

The Mouth of the Vampire, aka Vampire, aka Batman: The Ride We Couldn't Get The Copyright For.

This bug is wearing an ironic moustache.

Let's get a closer look at that.


At a house party, in the middle of an intense conversation I was barely even involved in, this strange dude pointed at me and said "hey, are you in The Cirque?" I guess I give off really intense circus vibes.

Is this statue flipping me the bird?

I think the fake crepe at La Ronde confused chocolate sauce with curry.

Avocado fries. More calories than you require, but delicious.

Montreal poutine from Montreal Poutine. Probably the best I've ever had.

I love Montreal, and it'll be great to get back there yet again someday soon. I'm grateful for the friends and family who made it awesome. You all kick ass.

1 OK, Elizabeth Loftus's talk was really great, inspiring stuff. I just didn't take any pictures at the conference.


Jen said...

LOL @ squishing your head.

I was in Montreal last weekend too, in support of a friend also not doing too much related to the conference!

Anonymous said...

animal teats = scarred for life.

shine said...

Avocado fries?!? Can I please have some? On that date we're now going on because you know about things like avocado fries. You know?

Dead Robot said...

Weird... that guy took me shopping and never once did he crush my head!

Phronk said...

Jen: Hehe, that seems to be a pattern at CPA conferences. Too bad I didn't run into you all IRL-style.

Sass: Hey now, without those, baby groundhogs would have nothing to drink.

Shine: I know. I'm really looking forward to our avocado date. Is that a real term? It should a coffee date, except with avocados.

DR: Hehe wow, that guy gets around. He seems perfectly nice, but he doesn't talk much.

tornwordo said...

Too bad I missed you. I work right next to the bird flipping statue. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what does poutine taste like?

Phronk said...

Picture the richest, most succulent food you've ever tasted. Now picture it deep fried and covered in cheese and gravy. Like that.

sarah said...

I love this post! I thought the french bee was very cute also. :)