Thursday, June 04, 2009

Storyblogging Carnival C

Hey look, a story of mine is featured in the One Hundredth Storyblogging Carnival over at Donald Crankshaw's blog. This is a regular event in which short stories that have been published through blogs are unleashed for all to see.

The story is Brains vs. Brawn, which you've probably already read since it's old and you love me. It's an extremely shitty autobiographical story that I wrote while going through the insanity of buying my first car. It's probably better to be on drugs when reading.

I was pointed to this carnival thingy by Mark Rayner, who also has a story featured there. His is pretty awesome.

Go! Read!


Shora said...

Awesome. And totally explains why my stomach does that thing after Taco Bell. Frikkin' undead kanga.

Anonymous said...

I have zero attention span.