Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Doggone Song is Mine

Sometimes I get a strange feeling when I hear Michael Jackson songs on the radio or TV. I don't mean the big ones - Billie Jean or Bad or Heal the World - but the lesser-known songs that didn't get as much play - Dirty Diana, or Human Nature, or Give In To Me. I think it's because these songs seem private to me. I mostly only heard them while sitting alone in my parents' basement with a big pair of headphones plugged into a cassette player. These were some of my first, formative experiences with really listening to music. Exploring every inch of its soundscape, letting it in on the highs and lows of my emotionally tumultuous teenage life. So when I hear one of those songs on TV, it's like that song has been cheating on me; running around and getting intimate with millions of other people behind my back.

Slutty, slutty songs.

On a related note: It kinda breaks my heart that this guy will wake up this morning to find people all over the world making fun of him because of his appearance. Sure, he made a weird face as he started the song and his eyes are a bit lizard-like, but his voice was good, and it's gotta be painful to know that so many people are judging you for something you can't help. Poor dude.

On another related note: To people who are saying "can we stop hearing MJ songs on the radio now?" or "oh my gawd, enough with MJ" : shut the fuck up. Seriously. Whether you like it or not, whether it's warranted or not, Jackson's life and death are a big deal to a lot of people. If you don't like it, don't associate with people.

I'm emo today.


CASE STUDY said...

haha awesome.

shine said...

Hard to believe those songs would share themselves with someone else.

They came knockin' at my door, but I told them I couldn't do that to you.

Jenn said...

so emo.

but that's okay - i can relate.

Wings1295 said...

Great post, and is very apt! I had to post about MJ last night, too. It is a big deal, since, for a long time, he WAS a big deal.

Wings1295 said...

And yeah, don't know WHO that dude is but wow...

Jennifer said...

You mean, not associating with people is an option? Why did no one tell me this before?

EVILFLU said...

That guy is a total creeper! I have had Human Nature stuck in my head all day. John Mayer did an awesome job with that song.

Anonymous said...

Now u know how I feel about anime. THank you.
my fav. on the video is, "God's Great Big Family" with different religions symbol around the background. Um ... not every religion has this, "GOD"

Phronk said...

Casie: Haha thanks.

Shine: Aw thanks, you're always looking out for me.

Jenn: We all get a little emo sometimes.

Wings: Exactly. His big-dealness is an objective fact.

Jen #2: It's always an option. Only problem is that it usually leads to insanity and being a serial killer (which is really just getting back to associating with people).

EVILFLU: But what if he's not a creeper! Maybe he just looks like one. It would be so sad to be thought of as creepy even though you're not. :(

Lainy: Hah yeah, it is similar to your anime post. I didn't notice the God thing, but yeah, that's pretty tasteless and/or naive.