Tuesday, July 07, 2009

No Doubt and Paramore, Live at the JLC

Oh, hey, I almost forgot, I saw Paramore and No Doubt live last week. They were both incredible. Paramore played some songs from their upcoming album and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of it. No Doubt had an impressively flashy, polished show. I only had my iPhone with me, so uh, the photos aren't so good.

Yeah. It was better in real life. Sarah sent me a text message during the show accusing me of having a crush on the lead singer of Paramore, and I think she's sorta right.


The iPhone couldn't really handle distant concert video much better.

But you get the idea.

Here's No Doubt. At least you can kinda see the awesome set they had going on.


Not quite visible here: Gwen Stefanie's insanely defined abs.

Anyway, awesome concerts. I recommend seeing them if you get the chance.


Erica said...

I was also very impressed with Gwen's abs, her belly dancing moves, and Paramore's lead singer. Very cute!
The view of the set from where you were looks great. We were straight back in the lower bowl.

Phronk said...

Yeah it wasn't too bad of a view. Floor would've been better, but I was appreciative of the video screens during No Doubt.

Unknown said...

I was at this show in Holmdel NJ at the PNC Bank arts Center. Phenomenal. No Doubt always brings their A-game but I've never seen Paramore live and I enjoyed their performance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great review! My neighbour was there too and he was very close to the stage. He was impressed with Gwen's abs and he even said in his opinion she went "commando" that night. :D