Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me, Elsewhere

Oh hi blog. You know you'll always be my first love, but I've been writing stuff in other places too.
  • I have a guest post about horror movies over at The London Free Press's Dan Brown's Cool Blog Name to Come. It's kinda deep. Tell me if you agree / disagree with my little assessment.
  • If you haven't already listened to my very first musical horror story, Thinking About Polar Bears is here. Reviews are in, and it has been described as "eh," "okay," and "I could hardly STAND [it]" (though I think that last one was meant as a compliment). I might put a PDF of it up soon. We'll see.
  • Putting Weird Things in Coffee is still going strong, having recently received a few thousand visitors from Reddit and StumbleUpon. It's all about cheese right now, with the current post and one that's coming up soon ("coming up" in more ways than one, btw).
  • My Tumblr Scrapbook just broke into the top 1000 tumblogs in Canada, so it must be okay. If you like, you might like the crap I post there too.

I know this is all masturbatory tooting of my own horn, but it's my blog and I'll masturbate if I want to. It's also my party, and I'll cry if I want to. Or cry while masturbating. If I want to.


Dan said...

Personally I use the tears of baby animals. But that's just me..

Wings1295 said...

Liked your guest post. I guess the films do arrives in "stages", but doesn't anything, really, follow a sorta similar way?

As for your final line about your "horn", whatever gets you through the day, dude. Whatever it takes.

EVILFLU said...

Excellent writing dude :)

Crasterbating....LOVE IT!!!

(and please don't put cheese in coffee...I do not think that is healthy)

D said...

Bah. Thinking about polar bears is an awesome piece of work. VERY creepy. I told you a few months ago, that I thought yours was the best of the three there! Required listening, fellow Phronkers.

Phronk said...

Dan: You haven't lived until you've tried unicorn tears.

Wings: Thanks! Yeah most things do go in cycles. The question is why they do (and for any given phenomenon, there are usually many reasons).

Flu: Thanks dude! And too late on the cheese, it's already been done.

Donald: You're the best. Really, thanks so much.

Tatiana said...

I liked your guest post. Kinda agree with a commenter on there that says it's escapism, for me it's that for sure. No matter how crappy your life, it's better than that guy being zombified.

I find I can't watch horror when I'm down in the dumps, too depressing and stressful. I enjoy a good horror when I'm in jolly good spirits ready to have fun by scaring myself.

It's also likely a remnant of the flight and fight syndrome that we've mostly lost in modern life and like to rekindle in a safe way. We also parachute jump and cliff dive, likely for the same reasons. A self-induced endorphin/adrenalin rush from a brush with danger is pretty attractive.

Oh and I really want to try that cheese with coffee... :)