Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Beatles: Colonoscopy

Today is 09/09/09, marking (in a clever little reference to Revolution 9) the release of The Beatles: Rock Band.

But let's talk about colons.

Most people hear the name of the game, and they assume that it's another Rock Band game, being described as a Beatles edition. Which Rock Band is this? It's The Beatles Rock Band. "The Beatles" is being used as an adjective.

But this fails to take the colon into account. That colon in the middle, it totally changes the meaning of the title. Rather than being a Rock Band game described as Beatles-like, the title is a full unit of meaning; "The Beatles: Rock Band" describes a game about The Beatles, who happen to be a rock band. The colon serves to expand on "The Beatles" with what comes after the colon, "Rock Band." It's the opposite of the adjective "The Beatles" expanding on "Rock Band."

Why does this matter? Well, uh, it doesn't, really. The colon's not even on the front cover of the game case. But I do think it's nice that Harmonix, with a simple bit of punctuation, put the focus of the game on The Beatles rather than on the Rock Band franchise. It's a nice little switcheroo compared to games like Guitar Hero: [Insert Band], showing an increased respect for the band that I expect will carry forward into the game itself.



sarah said...

Using your rationale this blog post should be titled: "Colonoscopy: The Beatles: Rock Band"

Right? Right?

shine said...

I love it that you just wrote an entire post about punctuation.

No really, I do.

Also, avocado fries? WANT.

Phronk said...

Dammit Sarah, why you gotta be so smart all the time? You are right, because this post is really about examining colons, with the game as an example.

I shall whip myself for this punctuation error.

Shine, ME TOO. Avocado fries: they should be in my belly.

Dead Robot said...

You: A winner!

Sean Wraight said...

You know Mr. Phronk I never realized the 090909 thing was a reference to Revolution #9... Rather I thought it was a clever allusion to their Let it Be song "One After 909". Ah those clever marketers. I like your angle much better though and would love to have seen a free colonoscopy for all Rock Band players. (Just to be on the safe side and all...)

Strolling down Yonge St. last night every record store blared Beatles' music. My thoughts... Just how long before our senses are sated and this whole Beatles thing will feel like a big colonoscopy? Again, perhaps all part of the grand plan I guess!

Great post... Curious too, who was your favourite Beatle?

Jus' wonderin'.


Phronk said...

Robot: Dead.

Sean: Hah, I never thought of the One After 909 possibility. I read somewhere that it was based on Revolution #9, but that one makes sense too (or would it make more sense today on the 10th? :)

I hope The Beatles never get old. I've listened to them so much without getting sick of their music, though, that I doubt it.

My favourite? Man, I can't choose, because it seems to me that they worked better as a group than any of them did solo. So my cop out is that none can be singled out. :)