Wednesday, November 04, 2009

One Letter Off Movies and Unseen Prequels

I admit, I kinda love these little Twitter hash tag memes that pop up now and again. In case you've been living under The Rock, it works like so: on Twitter, when people want to make their posts part of an easily-searchable group, they tag them with a hash tag. That's just a word preceded with "#". Like right now, it's the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, so people talking about that add #iranelection to their posts, and anyone wanting to see up to the minute updates about it can search for that term.

Somehow, sometimes, a tag pops up with some frivolous theme that anybody can participate in.

Here are some that I wrote recently:

One Letter Off Movies (#oneletteroffmovies)1:
  • Very Rad Things.
  • Dirty Pork.
  • Hobo Cop.
  • She-Hobbit.
  • Jews.
Unseen Prequels (#unseenprequels):
  • 28 Days Before.
  • Night of the Living.
  • Moulin Under Construction.
  • The Intact Crystal.
  • Twelve Unemotional Men.
  • Mr. Smith Goes to the Bathroom.
  • Look Who Hasn't Started Talking Yet.
  • When Two Strangers Named Harry and Sally Went About Their Separate Lives.
  • Annie Vestibule.
  • Batman: Spending Time With Mom & Dad.

Try your own. By joining Twitter, if you haven't yet, you dinosaur.


1 Whoa, I just thought of another one. THE COCK! ROFLMAO


See also: #cowfilms


carissajaded said...

Haha I love these things.. I rarely join in, but I like to watch other people.

Now I think you should write the premises for these! And make trailers!

Can you imagine the exciting things you could do with Mr. Smith Goes to the Bathroom...

Tatiana said...

I like my rock!

Don't knock the rock.
(with THE COCK)

Excuse, it's been a long day.

But damn if I'm joining twitter.

Anonymous said...


Dan said...

The obvious 'Forest Hump'....

Anonymous said...