Monday, February 08, 2010

Concerts, Connections, Careers, and Coffee

At the beginning of 2010, I sorta half-wished for a less boring, more dramatic year than 2009. So far the universe has not failed to bend to my wishes.

Case in point: this past weekend was chock full of good times with many of my favourite people1. After a night of drinking with my besties and a morning of hung-over proctoring (a.k.a. hell), my dear friend Sarah traveled all the way from Toronto for various good times, such as seeing Andrew Austin perform at the Black Shire.

I've known Andrew and his music for a while, but it was my first time seeing him (and his band); I was blown away by how awesome it was. I highly recommend checking him out, especially live.

Here's a crappy video that doesn't do it justice.

The variety of people who showed up to the concert was staggering, especially because the night was full of mindblowing coincidental connections between them. It's a small world, and the internet makes it even smaller.

Oh and Sarah was like "we need a picture together for your blog." So uh, the lighting wasn't so good, but here is a rare picture of myself, and Sarah, looking like we're in a horror movie or something.

Oh and then, AND THEN, last night I met with even more friendly friends for a sushi party. I rolled sushi for the first time (after many hilarious "this is how I roll" and "let's roll" jokes), and it's really not as hard as they say. I could totally open a sushi restaurant.

Today I am figuring out how to find a career and spend the rest of my life. I do want my remaining days to be pleasant, so I guess this is important and exciting.

By the way this is now a blog where I just casually list everything that I've done lately. Here are 50 pictures of a shiny object I found that is pretty!

No. Never mind. It wasn't that shiny.

What else has been exciting is that Putting Weird Things in Coffee has taken off in popularity. I've been answering fan mail and even done an interview about it; it kinda feels like I'm getting my 15 minute allotment of fame. It's being linked to from all over the internet, such as, but also this weird-ass video, in which a (n extremely hot) German chick and her baby discuss PWTIC (at about the 2:00 mark). Apparently "Phronk" is still "Phronk" in German.

So yeah. If 2010 continues being eventful, it should be one for the history books.


1 Another new years resolution is to use more expressions that I don't understand, such as "case in point", and "chock full." Why do cases go in points? What the eff is a chock?


sarah said...

And *I* was the one that wanted a picture for your blog??? Ok, make me sound like a publicity whore capitalizing on your internet fame when I recall it was you who insisted on a pictorial. That's fine. Thanks though for the funtimes!!! Seriously. I had fun with you. :)

Phronk said...

Hey, I'd had a few drinks, I don't remember who thought they were internet-famous and who was a whore for said fame. It could go either way really.

Thank you for coming! It was so fun!

By the way I forgot to give you Under the Banner of Heaven back. Next time!

Johnson said...

Middle english verb: chokken : crammed.

Chock full = crammed full, i.e. really dang full.

Anonymous said...
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Hey Lady! said...

A picture?!?! Woah, shocking... So, you're figuring out how to find a career and spend the rest of your life today? That's ambitious. Let me know what you come up with.

I like the list of stuff you did and what you thought about it, though it does need more expressions, especially ones involving farm animals like "til the cows come home", "Barking up the wrong tree" and "Two shakes of a lamb's tail".

carissajaded said...

I'm so happy I became a fan of your website before you got too famous. But I'm glad your are getting the attention you deserve!!!

Anonymous said...
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Sean Wraight said...

Congratulations Monsieur Phronko on your newfound blog notoriety. International at that! Well deserved my friend. You always get us thinking. Enjoyed your words on the Blackshire show as well. Always a nice place to catch some wonderful music.

Check out the Aeolian Hall on Friday night if you are interested. The Katie Stelmanis/Woodpigeon/Olenka triple bill will be stellar!


sarah said...

update! It's making me uncomfortable being the first post on a famous blog for so long. And I want to hear about the adventures of Phronk some more.

tornwordo said...

Why doesn't the pwtic link work? I know I've been there before....

Phronk said...

Thank you everyone.

Torn, you were right, the link was broken (I forgot an E). Fixed now!