Thursday, May 27, 2010

Experimenting With Google Wave

Brian Frank recently wrote a post about the possibilities of Google Wave. Seems like nobody really got into Wave, but it does have massive potential. Brian suggests having the same wave embedded in different blogs, to serve as a sort of shared comment section for related posts. Well, let's see how this works. Here is Brian's post and the real-time discussion following it, embedded in a wave. Join in.


Hey Lady! said...

Yeah, people keep talking about this "Google wave" business. I have no idea what it is. Or what it's for, or why one might need it. Nor do I care. But since you mentioned it, thought I'd tell you my thoughts on it.

carissa said...

Hmm I don't see anything. Is it supposed to be where the white spot is? I'ma dummy. I have the wace, but haven't signed on in months. I guess i should give it another shot!?