Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh hi. This is the second inaugural drunken blog post.

Here are a few things about me which you porhaps did n'ot know:

1) I went on vacation last week and I gained 10 pounds.

2) I forgot to put my belt on today and I didn't even notice.

SPEAKING OF PANTS I found these shorts in my drawer and I have no idea where they came from. Ok the tag says they came from Old Navy, but I don't remember buying them. The thing is, they only have one pocket in the back, which is not evenough to hold my wallet and my keys and my phone and my piece; I don't know why I'd buy shorts without pockets. Shorts without pockets are the worst.

Like worse than the holocaust and the BP oil spill combined. By which i mean that time when jewish people got oil all over their feathers and had to be rescued by Greenpeace.

Did that happen?

Why are you ereadindg this and who are you



Picard102 said...

The crowning glory of this blog, maybe even your life. Good stuff old chap.

It's all down hill from here buddy.

Tory said...

AWESOME! We love drunkin Phronk! At least, I love it when he writes the blog posts.

Perhaps tomorrow you'll think about why you've got some mystery dudes pants?

Carmen said...

That made my night. It's better than anything I've ever sent on FB/Twitter/Email when I've been drunk.

Thanks. :)