Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweet Potato Lobster Poutine

I love poutine. My phone's wallpaper has long been a picture of poutine that I took in Montreal. I keep it there because it frequently reminds me of the happiest time of my life.

Thus, I was excited to hear the news that a Smoke's Poutinerie is opening here in London on May 31. When this news broke a few days ago, I immediately entered a poutine trance, obsessed with the idea of gravy and cheese on fried potatoes. So I searched my apartment for anything resembling it.

What I found was: sweet potato fries, cheese, and a whole lobster.

So I cooked up the fries, I grated some cheese, I pried the meat out of the lobster, then I made lobster gravy by squeezing the lobster until gravy came out with butter, flour, lobster, and spices.

I smothered the fries with the gravy, then topped it with cheese and lobster. It looked like this:

I am not ashamed to admit that this was some of the best "poutine" I ever had. It was very rich and filling, though, and I didn't feel like eating for like 24 hours afterward.

Fortunately, my appetite for poutine is back. See you at Smoke's on the Monday.


Jen said...

That sounds amazing. Oh man. Now I'm craving poutine and lobster.

My blogger pic is a poutine that I had in Montreal, I'm standing because the cheese was that stretchy.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I think I just suffered a coronary looking at that photo. The best poutine I ever had was from a little roadside stand outside of Quebec City, served up by a large man wearing a hairnet. It was orgasmic.

Candice said...

I tried lobster poutine for the first time the other day, but not with sweet potato fries! Damn. That's next on the list.

Hey Lady! said...

Dude isn't it some sort of faux pas to put cheese with fish? But I guess you've never really fit in with societie's "norms" so why should I be surprised.

That looks frightening, btw.

Did you save some of the lobster to put in coffee? If not, missed opportunity.

Johnson said...

I was glad to hear that Smoke's is opening shop in London. Here in Toronto, the original Smoke's is above a Burrito Boyz, making that address possibly the greatest building on earth, gastronomically speaking.

I was actually at La Banquise in Montreal this weekend (arguably the best poutine in Montreal and didn't even get poutine. This post only makes me regret this decision even more than I did when my two hot dogs arrived at the table.

Phronk said...

Jen: Haha seriously? I've long wondered about that pic since it's too small to really see what's going on.

FCF: It does seem to be best in Quebec for some reason. Although the large man in a hairnet doesn't sound appetizing.

Candice: Did you make lobster poutine or buy it somewhere? WHO STOLE MY IDEA?!

Hey Lady! Yeah, fuck norms. I did save some lobster for coffee, but it's been sitting in my fridge for about a week so it might be poisonous now.

Johnson: I gotta remember that place for next time I'm in Montreal. And that heart attack building for next time I'm in TO.

Johnson said...

CBC News Now just ran a story about a restaurant in Nova Scotia that serves "gourmet" poutine with lobster. You sir, are a visionary.

Unknown said...

I grew up in a small french community in NB. They add many things to poutine. Lobster was always a favorite!
If your up for trying something new, try fries, coleslaw, cheese and gravy. That was a staple at a restaurant I worked at in high school.

Phronk said...

Johnson: They must be readers. I bet it's not sweet potatoes though. That's the magic touch that the bastards will never take away from me. NEVER.

Shopper Girl: Mmm! I wasn't aware of the creativity in east coast poutines. The coleslaw one sounds soggily delicious. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Why are you always making me hungry?

It's because you want to French kiss me, isn't it? ISN'T IT??