Sunday, June 06, 2010

Search Terms Used to Find, Volume 8

Here is how people got here:

  • how to be interesting to talk to
  • real pictures of zombies
  • picture of man in a turtle shell
  • freak trevor out

  • i'm scared of internet dating
  • various fucking types
  • old people fucking & sucking
  • midgetsluts
  • dominican hookers in punta cana
  • self indulgence attractions in london
  • western university devito porn

  • i never used to fart but now
  • why cant i keep things out of my mouth
  • roll up the rim win blow job
  • volume of a oreo
  • mcgriddle plural
  • accident, cakes
  • parapsychology microwaves


Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange how these things come up. On my blog people find me all the time with the search "terrorist" Can you imagine how many government agency watch lists I am on. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

BTW....Of all the referrers to my site, you rank 5th on the list. I owe you a big thank you and because I'm an attention whore to my blog I'll say any time you want to mention the blog, feel free.

Seriously though, thanks. Much appreciated.

Hey Lady! said...

Thats just weird. I searched for a channel 7 News clip today and got a link to a Jonahs Brothers video, and a few weeks ago I did a Google image search and got a picture of some teenage, shirtless boy with blood smeared all over his chest. Thanks Google, that's what I was really looking for...

Is that a picture of your microwave? If so, why do you keep baby shampoo in the kitchen? Or a microwave in the bathroom?

Phronk said...

Yikes BRay, the terrorist term is pretty weird. You'd think there would be a LOT of pages to get through before getting to your blog. And no prob on the referrals; that's weird since for some reason I don't even have a proper link to you in my blog roll (until ... NOW). I heard rumours you've blogged about poop so I'm headed there now.

Hey Lady! No that is not my microwave; it's just what I got when I searched for parapsychology microwaves. Perhaps whoever took it washes their baby in the kitchen sink. Or their dog. Or their hamster.

Darius Whiteplume said...

I found you by searching for the Toronto Zombie Walk. I guess the US Google thinks Ontario is a city.