Monday, August 23, 2010


Since I wrote some controversial things about fonts, people send me font-related stuff. For example, comics:

(thanks @Tedhealy)

(thanks Dan)

Also, a lot of people are mad about my quotes in that BBC article. Which doesn't bother me much, because people who get mad about fonts are not the type of people whose approval I seek out. 

I'm snobby about certain things myself. I like particular beers more than others. There are statistic techniques that I hate to see abused. But if I see someone drinking Budweiser or failing to apply a Bonferroni correction, it doesn't make me angry unless it's hurting someone. Font snobs should, in my humble opinion, take a step back, chill out, and realize they are freaking out about letters


Dead Robot said...

I got half way through and thought... did he fuck up his blog?

Damn you.

Hey Lady! said...

I had no idea so many people cared so damn much about fonts until you brought it to my attention, now I notice it all over the net. I agree people should chill. As long as the audience can read it (and it doesn't appear to say "Megafucks" instead of "Megaflicks"), who really cares?

And I agree about beer, but you actually consume that, it's not something you read and ignore. You put it in your mouth, that's more important, no?

pixie658 said...

A man who knows when to apply a Bonferroni correction (or hell, knows what the eff that even IS) AND likes good beer AND isn't a font snob? Jesus. I'm not sure why I only recently started reading your blog.

Phronk said...

DR: YEAH you got halfway through.

HL: Yeah. If I fleshed out that argument, I'd say that beer choice, and especially statistical choices, are much more important and impactful than font choices (on average). If we can let those slide, then surely font wars can be safely avoided too.

P658: A woman who appreciates my geeky idiosyncrasies? LET'S BE BLOG FRIENDS FOREVER.

Ginny said...

Times new roman 4-lyf!

Do people really get mad about this stuff? I'm sure there are more important things to be mad about than fonts.

Johnson said...

I make my beer choices based on the font on the can.