Monday, August 02, 2010

If I had a horse, I think I'd name him Bacon. Because then I could say "I'm going to get Bacon the horse."

Get it? Because that sounds sort of like "back on the horse."

Which is an idiom.

Fuck, never mind.

My favourite AC/DC song is Bacon Black.


Stephanie said...

I had a friend who called her pig bacon...mostly because that was how it was going to end up

Phronk said...

Haha oh, that's kinda sad.

Wait, is there a word for horse meat?

Anonymous said...

presumably you could also name the horse "beer can"

Sierra said...

I used to know someone with a pet pot-bellied pig named "Bacon" and while everyone else thought it was sick, I always thought it was awesome.

Sort of like naming your goldfish "Fishstick" and "Chips," which I think I will do the next time I happen to be in possession of goldfish.