Sunday, September 19, 2010

LOLA 2010

I was incredibly lucky to be asked to join the digital media team at LOLA Fest this year. For the past 3 days I've been wandering Victoria Park with a shiny new BlackBerry, taking pictures and video, tweeting, and making sure the not-always-live-stream has stuff on it.

I'll write more later, but here is a sampling of the excitement I've experienced so far.

This guy, from the Rhys Chatham Trumpet Trio, was playing the drums with a creepy-ass doll.

The Holy Roller is covered in poppies.

I almost wrote poopies.

This guys seemed to have been killed by Exit 2012. But fortunately, he opened his eyes a moment later, then proceeded to do some sit-ups.

I kind of love this little moment of bromance that I accidentally filmed while Fond of Tigers played.

I was given a backstage pass to explore everything LOLA has to offer. Here is an EXCLUSIVE OMG INSIDE LOOK at the green room that the bands get to hang out in.

That bowl is made out of an old record. That's right, only the best for LOLA artists.

Here is Land of Talk from the backstage side. I was looking forward to seeing them most, and they did not disappoint. Plus, I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Powell when I recorded the interview Katrina Hass did with her. She is such a compelling person; I'll post the interview, with its delightfully awkward moments, when it's available.

There's still another day of LOLA awesomeness. Come on down to Victoria Park if you can, but if you can't, follow along at my Twitter, LOLA's Twitter, or the best of all worlds by searching LOLA on Twitter (this also shows up on screens all over the park, so feel free to make yourself famous). There's also the live stream. Wave when you see me.


Dan said...

Dude.... You're luck is extreme.... Next time I see you I'm going to rub myself vigorously against you in hopes that some of it'll rub off....

Dan said...

Interesting.... It's only now that I've realized I replaced the proper 'Your' with 'You're' in my above comment. My internet shame is extreme......

Tatiana said...

Sounds awesome... on an unrelated note, where are you working now? I'm mainly curious what kind of a job your degree gets you these days.

Hey Lady! said...

I noticed after I watched your "Man hug" video that a video of Justin Bieber popped up. Coincidence? I think not.

That dude with the doll... That's really weird.

Phronk said...

Dan: Which is why I never replied to that comment, and why we shall never speak again.

Tatiana: I'm working at a technology research company. It's vaguely related to my degree, in that I have to write good and understand basic statistics. And the degree certainly helped convince them to hire me. :)

Hey Lady! Haha, there were rumours that The Bieb was at LOLAfest. Maybe Youtube somehow became aware of that. Scary.