Tuesday, November 02, 2010


November is also:
So I gotta write a novel, become a doctor, grow a moustache (poking those hairs up is hard work), and come to grips with being alone forever. Probably because I don't have time for other people.

All this on top of a full time job. Did I tell you I got a full time job, blog? Because yeah, I'm totally working for The Man now. But it's not exactly selling my soul; I just rent it out between the hours of 9 and 5. 

Plus I help make London awesome (HEY COME TO THE LONDON SHORT FILM SHOWCASE ON SATURDAY), and I even have a smidge of a social life sometimes. 

It's a lot on my plate. Luckily I'm always hungry.

But hey, blog, let me temper this rambling horn-tooting by telling you an uncomfortable truth about myself: I am profoundly lazy. The only reason I do anything is so I can enjoy doing nothing. When your mind has been active all day, there is nothing better than sitting down to watch terrible television that makes your mind not only inactive, but dumber (#snookie). Or just kinda zoning out; finding yourself staring at a closed fridge door for 5 minutes, maybe because you thought you were hungry, or maybe just because your mind shut off when you happened to be in the kitchen.

I like having done almost as much as I like doing. I need that down time. Which means, and this is what I've been trying to tell you, blog, is that if I'm going to get all these ___vember activities done, something else has to give if I'm to have that perfect work/laziness balance. If you are my friend and I don't see you all month, at least you know why. If you stop by because you didn't read this, and you figure someone's gotta collect the body, then you see that my computer desk is just a valley among mountains of unwashed coffee cups and empty pizza boxes, then, well, I'm sorry for the smell.

I'll be gone all November. Give a kiss to my mutha.


Anonymous said...

Good god man, best of luck to you and your hectic November. I always want to take part in a million November things, but temper myself so as not to prematurely explode my brain.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy that. A post by @SaiWilcken said, "Necessity is the mother of invention, laziness it the father of invention" or something. Don't know if it's original on her part.

I'm also a big fan of downtime (as you can see on my own blog).

Wishing we had that tool; that thing Scrivener should be.

Here's to a month of meaningful writing. To hell with the coffee cups.

Phronk said...

Kharlamova: Thanks! It's quite possible that my brain has already been exploded and that's why I'm even attempting all this crap.

NegativeVacuum: I'm actually finding that Scrivener 2.0 comes pretty close to what we described. It's got a scratch pad for notes, and its binder has sections for research, character sketches, etc. Opens as you left it. Yesterday I googled a condo layout, then copied the picture directly from my browser to the "places" section. Very handy for organizing everything a writer needs other than a text editor.

Wings1295 said...

Good luck with NaNoWriMo! I am attempting it again this year. One chapter is done. It's a start, right?

Johnson said...

I wish there was a month dedicated to listless repose. #Slothtember?

Tatiana said...

Just saw something that summarizes my feelings on lazyness perfectly. I admire your goings-on while not wishing them on myself. I need so much downtime when I do more than work, shower and exercise that any more activities are simply not worth it. Hey what's your new job?


Forest City Fashionista said...

Yeah, November....good luck with all the stuff, especially the "finish PhD part". If we don't go on strike, I'll be continuing to sell my soul from 8:30 - 4:30. We'll miss you, and the beer offer still holds, for whenever you resurface

City Mom said...

On paper it looks like I watch a lot of TV, but in truth I just need to 'zone out' each day! I am totally with you on this one, and any time you put a picture of my girl up, I'm just plain happy!

Phronk said...

Wings: Good luck to you too! Totally a start. I see you're up to almost 3000 words now. Keep it up!

Johnson: I second that emotion.

Tatiana: Hahaha, oh man, I have seen that before and I love it so much. Exactly how I feel too. Except I'm in the "first day or two" phase a little longer sometimes (like a month). My new job is being a research analyst. I don't know what that means.

FCF: Yay, no strike! Oh yes, I will take you up on the beer offer. I never forget about beer offers.

City Mom: Hey, she's MY girl. But yeah, I think everyone needs mental downtime in one form or another. TV helps with that a lot.