Sunday, September 18, 2011

Food Review: Haggis in a Can

I took a trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake recently, and there is a little store there that sells stuff imported from Scotland. In addition to kilts and candy, I found something I knew I had to try: canned Haggis.

It came out of the can looking and smelling just like dog food, right down to the slimy white stuff at the bottom of the can.

The can recommended heating it in the microwave for four minutes, so I did as the can directed. After heating, it was a bit less clumpy, and more appetizing looks-wise. Smell-wise, not so much.

I didn't have a sheep's stomach handy to stuff it in, so I had to go with a non-traditional haggis preparation: haggis on buttered toast, with cheese on top. I broiled it in the oven for a few minutes, until the bread was crispy and the cheese was melty.

I dug in, trying a bit of the hot haggis on its own first. It struck me as very salty, but not terrible. With the cheese and toast mellowing it out, it was actually quite good. The main ingredient is lamb heart, which tastes pretty much like any other lamb muscle.

I recommend trying it if you ever get a chance. After all, yer a long time deid.

P.S. This is the latest link to my blog. Apparently it translates to "sauces shoot because you also want one".

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Forest City Fashionista said...

Is there ANYTHING you won't eat?

Phronk said...


Hillary said...

If you want proper haggis, I recommend Scots Corner on Burns night. they have haggis on the menu all year round and it is pretty good but not as amazing as what the order in for the festivities. Also, one does not eat the sheep stomach, rather the haggis is prepared inside it- or more commonly these days, in a rubber latex sack, then discarded. If ever you find yourself in Edinburgh, I recommend heading to Macsween's on Broughton St. They make the best haggis I've ever tasted.

Candice said...

Phronk, you are so brave. I salute you.

Mark said...

Yikes! Gout attack on toast! (The cheese is a nice touch.)

Johnson said...

You should have put that in your coffee.

Alyson said...

Oh god, just looking at it made me feel queasy.

Hey Lady! said...

I guess this answers my question from your other blog. Nevermind.

And I agree, it does look like dog food. Also like this corned beef hash my parents made me eat once when I was a kid. It was obviously traumatizing, as I remember it vividly 20 something years later.

Daniel said...

I was at the very same store in NOTL just last week, and bought a can. I have not worked up the courage, or mor aptly, the guts, to try it.