Monday, October 24, 2011

London Ontario Zombie Walk 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful day for London's fifth annual zombie walk. I know I promised last year that I'd dress up this year, but, like, stuff is busy. I did at least get a chance to go snap some pictures, as per usual. Here they for bigger.

It's always a highlight when the zombies hit up Victoria Park. As one dude said to me there, if someone were on hallucinogenics, it would be hard to differentiate from an actual zombie attack. Aside from the occasional texting zombie, the sights and sounds and chaos are like the real thing.

People reacting to zombies can be as entertaining as the zombies:

...wait what?

Even just being covered in fake blood can be enough of a costume.

But some people go all out, and they are some of my favourite people on the planet.



Not all the zombies in attendance were human. There were also dogs and children.

Pregnant zombies rule. Especially because hey, look what pregnancy leads to eventually:

These kids did their best scary faces when they saw Pat Dryburgh's camera.

As I've said before, shit like this is what makes me proud to live in London. Next year I'm gonna do my part by going as a zombie rather than a boring alive person.

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Johnson said...

I wonder how many of these people were actually zombies that just ended up in the right place at the right time.

Phronk said...

...there were fake zombies?!

Forest City Fashionista said...

I seem to remember you and I saying we were going to stop being wusses and dress up and do the walk this year...I was in New York this past weekend, what was your excuse again?
(cool photos by the way)

Hey Lady! said...

This whole thing looks frightening to me. It's not so much the zombies, but the mob mentality. Like the part in "Lord of the Flies" where they riot and kill the "pig"....

Andrea N said...

OMG I was there and I was sooo glad we did it. So many people (over 500) were dressed up and roaming the streets of London. I wish it happened more often for sure! There is another zombie thing in London happening I believe April 15th! Woo!