Thursday, February 09, 2012

Tweeting With the Stars Volume 8: Derek Mears

This is Derek Mears:

He was a predator in Predators, is Kickpuncher, and is best known as the latest Jason Voorhees.

He is a badass.

Derek Mears is also hilarious on Twitter.

There is something amusing and encouraging about people who don't seem normal actually being really normal. Like when 50 Cent used to chatter away on Twitter like a teenage girl.

And seriously, restaurants gotta stop that shit. Better yet, just make all bathrooms gender neutral. Why is every bathroom door a magical time warp to a time when segregation of genders was good and wholesome? If we want to get rid of society's stupid-ass hangups about gender, maybe we should start with equality on the ground floor, where we are at our most human, squirting out our waste products.


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Wings1295 said...

There is something cool about being that "close" to a celebrity, isn't there? Michael McKean aka Lenny from Laverne & Shirley retweeted one of my tweets the other day and then commented on it, saying it was cool. Made my freakin' week! LOL

Oh, and Mears is just an awesome guy.